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We consistently exceed expectations with sustainable results and continuous improvements Achieve immediate and measureable gains in purchasing performance.

DSSI actively manages the supply chain as an extension of our client's purchasing organization to deliver substantial savings and lower total cost through spend aggregation, item level management and processing efficiency.

Our Solutions Deliver Lasting Gains in Procurement Performance through group sourcing aggregation leverage pre-enabled suppliers rapid on-boarding of new suppliers thoughtful supply base consolidation electronic requisition to PO processing Reduced AP processing costs improved working capital complete e-procurement platform 20+ years of company experience

Spend Analytics and Data Insights

DSSI has a proven track record of successfully sourcing indirect materials and services for large global companies. DSSI's procurement solutions are designed and uniquely configured to each client's specific requirements and objectives. DSSI tracks each transaction in its system and provides detailed and transparent reporting. As a procurement professional, achieving this level of visibility and transparency translates to greater value creation opportunities. Our reporting dashboards provide a clear picture of your organizations spending patterns and enables KPI tracking and management.
Experience backed with Technology Expertise
Savings and Compliance Tracking
Supplier Consolidation and Payment Settlement
Robust spend visibility and KPI management

DSSI enables an Agile Procurement environment that includes:

Domain expertise and item level aggregation

piece price reductions supported by an audit trail.

Steadfast price and content management

pricing consistency, supplier compliance, efficient purchasing .

Intuitive and seamless transaction processing

low cost processing supported by workflow and service level metrics.

Simplified and reconciled financial settlements

low cost processing supporting both customers and suppliers.

Providing the highest levels of customer service and support

to our clients and supplier partners.

Single Solution across North America and Europe

complete purchasing services across both continents.

and more...

Punchout to a single DSSI managed catalog instead of punching out to individual suppliers. Capable of EDI and XML interfaces with your ERP system.
Designed by purchasing professionals, DSSI's reporting dashboards provide a clear picture of your organizations spending patterns and enables KPI tracking and management.
Several thousand suppliers already set up with electronic capabilities

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