Epic® provides suppliers with an easy and efficient means to interact with DSSI and customers. Whether it is responding to a request for quote, confirming a purchase order or invoicing us online, Epic simplifies the process. And unlike many in the marketplace, DSSI does not charge fees to suppliers to access our network. Suppliers are on boarded quickly - often in minutes - and can start collaborating with DSSI buyers from day one.

DSSI also offers the flexibility to work with suppliers of varying technological capabilities. While most suppliers utilize Epic’s capabilities, we also possess the tools and resources to connect via EDI or cXML.

Epic provides the following functionality exclusively to suppliers:

Request for Quote Management

Allows suppliers to view assigned request for quotes, respond to these requests and to track the items that are awarded. Online response and upload options are available.

Catalog Item Maintenance

Provides suppliers easy access to view and manage items. Suppliers can improve item descriptions, update pricing or deactivate obsolete items and replace them with new items. Online maintenance or a simple item upload process is available.

Order Acknowledgement and Invoicing

Allows suppliers to view purchase order details, acknowledge receipt of an order, resolve pricing discrepancies, manage item lead times and submit an invoice with tracking information once the product is shipped.

Vendor Managed Ordering

Provides select suppliers access to process requisitions on behalf of the customer and then route the requisitions for approval. Upon approval, the purchase orders are sent to the supplier. Additional features support "billing purposes only" and "multi-ship date" orders.

Payment Settlement and Claims Management

Allows suppliers to view payment status and manage returns and credits.

Performance Management Tools

Provides suppliers with an extensive view of performance including RFQ response timing, order confirmations, shipping performance and catalog content information. Additionally, suppliers can view trend analysis that provide comparisons with past performance.