Epic® Supplier Features

Epic® is full of features that simplify administrative activities while allowing suppliers to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of customers. We help reduce supplier operating costs while increasing their sales. This allows DSSI to justify our push for additional savings on behalf of our clients.

Epic® is loaded with supplier functionality including online invoicing, payment settlement, claims, catalog management, vendor-managed ordering, performance reporting and status views. The real power of Epic® is that all parties access the same real-time information greatly simplifying communication.


Administration Module allows authorized individuals to maintain user information, supplier account and contact information supporting purchase orders, RFQ's and returns.

RFQ and Spot Buy Module allows suppliers to view their assigned quotes, to respond to requests and to track the items that are awarded to them.

Catalog Management Module allows suppliers easy access to view and manage the items they provide. Suppliers can cleanse and classify item data or deactivate obsolete items and replace them with new items. The system also supports the addition of new items for specific customers via file uploads or through online maintenance.

Vendor Managed Ordering Module is activated for customer approved vendors. This section allows designated suppliers to process requisitions on behalf of the customer and then route the requisitions for approval. Upon approval, the purchase orders are sent to the appropriate suppliers. Additional features support "billing purposes only" and "multi-ship date" orders.

Order Acknowledgement and Invoicing Module allows suppliers to view purchase order details, acknowledge receipt of an order, resolve pricing discrepancies, manage item lead times and submit an invoice with tracking information once the product is shipped.

Payment Settlement Module allows suppliers to view the status of their payments and resolve disputes related to returns.

Supplier Performance Module provides suppliers with an extensive view of their performance including RFP response timing, order confirmations, shipping performance and catalog content information. Additionally, suppliers can view trend analysis that provide comparisons with past performance.

Customer Support Module allows users to initiate and track support requests online. This module also allows suppliers to maintain customer specific local contacts and to submit Soft Cost Savings estimates for approval.