Epic® Client Features

Epic ® was designed by purchasing professionals with the goals of simplifying activities and improving visibility across the purchasing process. As a result, client users experience immediate gains in purchasing performance. Too, Epic® is regularly updated with new features to the immediate benefit of all of our clients.

Epic® is loaded with functionality including work flows, budget tracking, vendor-managed ordering, sourcing, e-invoicing and status views. The real power of Epic® is that all parties access the same real-time information greatly simplifying communication.


Administration Module allows authorized individuals to set up company information and control user access to the site. This includes setting up locations, cost centers, GL accounts, budgets, shipping addresses, carrier account numbers and optional storeroom related information. This section also allows the administrator to maintain user information including spending limits, approving limits and default approvers.

Requisition Module provides easy access to a pre-negotiated catalog and helps the user efficiently conduct business with a wide range of suppliers. This module features extensive catalog search capabilities. The standard shopping cart functionality allows users to place requisitions across multiple suppliers while assigning the appropriate cost center, GL accounts and project information at a line item level and then route the requisition based on spending limit and budgetary approvals requirements. Email notifications and automated escalations keep the process moving smoothly, simplifying the communication throughout the transaction. Upon approval, purchase orders are automatically routed to the suppliers.

module also allows users to save their shopping carts for future use and also offers the ability to schedule re-order reminders. Other features include the ability to place "billing purposes only" and "multi-ship date" orders.

RFQ and Spot Buy Module allows users to obtain best pricing for new items that are not currently available in the catalog or on items where current pricing has expired. The spot buy application automatically places an order if the quoted item is within the client’s budgetary tolerance. Once again, notifications at each step of the process provide continuous updates to the requester.

Payment Settlement Module provides access to invoice information. The detail transaction screen provides item tracking information, where available, and gives the user the ability to request proof of delivery. This module also supports returns processing and claims resolution.

Supplier Performance Module provides an extensive view of suppliers’ performance including RFP response timing, order confirmations, shipping performance and catalog content information. Additionally, trend analysis is available for charting.

Customer Support Module allows users to initiate and track support requests online. This section also provides the user with supplier contact information and supplier performance information.

Store Room™ Management Module allows users to manage crib items along with their associated inventory levels. The module also provides item level flexibility supporting various units of measure, reorder methods including min/max, audit tools and reporting. User defined min/max levels ensure that required items are always in stock. Additional features include work bench level viewing of on-hand items, disbursements and receipts.