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Procurement leaders are under constant pressure to deliver more savings and streamline processes with fewer resources. Spend is often fragmented among many suppliers, site locations, business units, and categories, making it hard to identify and capture enterprise-wide savings opportunities. Most companies lack the tools and technology to monitor their indirect spend performance and reflect success on financial statements.

Dynamic Procurement
"I am very grateful to have DSSI as a trusted partner, their hard work and expertise make all the difference in navigating the MRO landscape and helping to manage our overall cash flow" - Jason Messer, Commodity Manager, Doosan Bobcat North America

Dynamic Procurement is a collaboration between DSSI and Baker Tilly, a leading full-service advisory, tax and assurance firm and a national consulting firm with a sophisticated Supply Chain and Manufacturing consulting practice that helps clients strategically optimize all aspects of their supply chains and operations.

The first step in this offering is to benchmark your current spend using our new Spend Analytics tool powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and cutting - edge analytics. The resulting report details savings opportunities including process improvements. If you are satisfied with the savings and process improvement opportunities, you can move forward with our Dynamic Procurement service to begin realizing savings.

To learn more on how you can get started, click here: https://connect.bakertilly.com/indmgmt

DSSI's Procurement service offering provides:

  • Strategic implementation and execution
    From conceptualization, to program implementation and optimization – we are with you throughout your journey to provide an all-encompassing solution to streamline your supply chain.
  • Category Management
    DSSI's expertise and decades of experience in managing indirect spend is leveraged by clients through strong supplier relationships and group sourcing aggregation. The DSSI category management team monitors supplier performance to ensure they are meeting our servicing standards. Furthermore, they establish, maintain, and manage pricing agreements at a line item level to make sure clients get consistent best pricing. Category management also routinely performs proactive strategic sourcing by identifying categories to target for cost reduction.
  • Data Enrichment Supply Base Consolidation
    DSSI’s Item Master Discipline ensures that each item includes the manufacturer's name and part number as well as the item description, supplier, product category, image, and other attributes. The Dynamic Procurement program offers thoughtful supply base consolidation to reduce the overall number of suppliers while optimizing the best source for each category and manufacturing line. Clients are no longer required to configure hundreds of thousands of suppliers in their e-Procurement system. They only add DSSI as a supplier, and DSSI manages all sub-suppliers in its system.
  • Increase your spend visibility
    Using advanced spend analytics, business intelligence and KPI reporting tools; enterprise spend visibility is at your fingertips across all locations. Key transactional data is displayed in easy-to-understand visuals while allowing options to drill down into the data to various levels within the organization and time frames to quickly get to the information you need.
  • Standardize and reduce your AP costs
    Setting a single payment term with DSSI instead of unique terms with thousands of suppliers improves cashflow for clients. DSSI manages supplier invoices, payment settlement, and taxation, resulting in cost savings and process simplification for Accounts Payable teams.
  • Easy Online Ordering
    Access to DSSI’s eProcurement platform Epic provides a single and convenient way to access a strategically sourced and managed catalog, look up order status or view tracking information.