DSSI Cares

DSSI believes it is our responsibility to not only operate ethically and responsibly but to also motivate and enable employees to contribute toward societal well-being. DSSI is proud that this is a core of our company culture.

Our contributions

Our spirit to serve our Communities is demonstrated through financial contributions, in-kind giving and employee volunteerism and extends to the communities where we have our offices. We serve our communities by:

  • Raising awareness and funds for the needs within our communities
  • Volunteering for projects that improve the quality of life for those around us
  • Supporting our clients in their quest to support worthy charities

Special Thank You to DSSI LLC for their generous contribution in support of our Early Head Start program and planting a pinwheel garden for Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month!

Chad Ozias, Director of Volunteer Services and Community Development, CARE House of Oakland County.

Thank you so much for your generous donation on Friday, December 16, 2016 of clothing and toys.

Paul W. Robinson, President and CEO, Home of the Innocents, Louisville.