Our Source To Pay solution provides complete purchasing processing capabilities supported by our web-based eProcurement system, Epic®. We feature a rapid enterprise-wide implementation that allows the first client facility to be fully supported within eight weeks. Subsequent facilities are implemented in six to eight week intervals depending on the complexity of purchasing requirements.

The first step in our source to pay program is to document, measure, and gain agreement on current performance. Here, we calculate baseline prices for items and services and establish process performance objectives. These are then used to track and report program related savings and improvements. We work closely with Controllers and F&A teams to ensure both "hard" and "soft" savings calculations are agreed to and validated.

New purchasing requirements are identified each and every day. In fact, our analysis shows that within manufacturing environments, nearly 60% of purchased items change year over year. Also, maintaining awareness of commodity trends is critically important to long-term program success. For these reasons, DSSI's category managers maintain daily interactions with both clients and suppliers.

The Request for Quote and Spot Buy capabilities we offer are essential to supporting daily sourcing requirements. In addition to accessing intuitive web-based toolsets, clients are supported by sourcing team members who provide rapid response times when processing RFQ's, Spot Buys, and Urgent Spot Buys.

Many companies implement a host of purchasing tools and technologies only to find that the information they can access is diminished by the quality of their catalog content. DSSI treats catalog content management as a strategic imperative. We have dedicated team members who regularly review and revise catalog content based on information gaps or supplier generated updates. Additionally, we regularly provide update files to client systems to ensure future processing efficiency.

This solution component is the engine that drives source to pay services. In addition to the anticipated capabilities like electronic requisition processing with flexible shopping cart functionality, DSSI also provides a number of advanced features including:

    Automated approval routing with support for smart phone technologies
    Location level cost savings tracking and reporting
    Local part number storage and referencing
    Supplier performance management
    Urgent order support
    Budget tracking and approval management
    Supplier order acknowledgment
    Delivery follow-up
    Invoice consolidation
    Flexible location-specific invoice presentation methods
    Complete legacy system interface capabilities

Sustained improvements in procurement performance can only result from consistent performance and compliance management efforts. These efforts must be supported by detailed visibility into user spend, program compliance, purchasing process performance and supplier performance.

DSSI provides real-time and extensive reporting on every aspect of the purchasing services relationship, as well as, expert support to address areas requiring further improvement. This allows clients to set explicit goals and provides the tools and support required to monitor and manage performance toward achieving them.

Organizations no longer have the ability to assign significant resources to support indirect spend. DSSI supports daily purchasing requirements using a combination of on-site and shared service center resources based on the needs of the client. Some of the activities supported include:

    Requirements gathering
    Requisition processing
    RFQ & Spot Buy processing
    Supplier performance management
    Delivery follow-up
    Supplier Management
    Performance tracking and reporting

Our professionals act as your buyers so you receive the products and services you need when and where you need them.

Choose the right MRO Spend Management Service for your organization to get the most out of our Source-To-Pay strategy.