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Not ready for a full Source-To-Pay provider? Sharp Sourcing let’s new clients experience the benefit of spend aggregation for specific categories throughout the year without having to undertake large changes in your processes and systems.


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In its effort to continuously improve, DSSI has created Sharp Sourcing, which combines increased aggregation with a more focused look at pricing in high-use indirect commodity categories to provide prospective clients a way to quickly realize cost savings.

Attend an upcoming meeting or online webinar to learn about the Sharp Sourcing program and how to participate in the next event. Learn what’s involved and what kind of cost savings results you can expect. After this, we’ll ask you to complete a short online questionnaire about your current MRO and indirect materials purchasing

Based on the answers to the online questionnaire, DSSI will develop an individual client profile and provide you with a proposal to move forward with the Sharp Sourcing opportunity including your expected results and the cost to participate.

We'll ask you to provide your spend data in DSSI format along with a PO for the benchmarking and strategic sourcing services provided in the process. DSSI will review the data submitted and compare it to our current aggregated pricing. Within a month of submitting your data, DSSI will return an individualized assessment of your expected cost savings as well as some additional cost savings opportunities that may exist through supplier consolidation or diversification.
**DSSI Will Not Invoice Against This PO Unless at Least 10% Savings are Shown Using Current Aggregated Pricing in Pre-bid Assessment.

If the cost savings justify it, your spend in the defined category will be added to the bid and DSSI will employ its mass bidding tools and increased aggregation to uncover even better pricing. Also during this time, DSSI will work with the necessary individuals within your company to determine the extent of purchasing services you require (i.e. e-catalog, urgent orders, legacy system interfaces, etc).

After working extensively with our strategic suppliers, DSSI will return your individualized bid results in a user-friendly format complete with item-level detail of cost savings, opportunities to consolidate items and/or suppliers and profiles of suppliers that have been awarded the business. Although the implementation process looks different for every client based on specific needs, DSSI will engage its ISO-certified Launch process to help you quickly and efficiently begin to take advantage of your improved pricing.