Our Procurement Consulting solutions allow you to put DSSI's expertise to work. We offer support for six distinct project types that capitalize on our procurement knowledge. Engagements can range in breadth from small, discrete projects to bundled projects in support a complete procurement services program.

Well run organizations focus their time and attention on areas that are likely to yield the greatest amount of benefit. In the procurement area, this means internal resources are most often focused on direct materials. DSSI was founded to provide focused support for indirect materials and services. Our sourcing experts apply two distinct sourcing approaches to maximize value.

Consortium Sourcing
efforts provide opportunities to improve pricing, service and terms by aggregating spend with that of our other clients. There is strength in numbers and we prove it every day to the benefit of our clients. Our sourcing experts regularly track and gather the commodity specific needs of our entire customer base and go to the supplier market in search of the best price and service combinations available. We use a "cyclical bid" process that invites customer participation and schedules commodity categories ensuring a frequent review. Further, our sourcing tools enable us to communicate with a vast number of suppliers electronically allowing optimum analysis and maximum sourcing flexibility. As a result, our clients benefit from contract pricing that few organizations can achieve on their own.

Customer Specific Sourcing
efforts provide project-based sourcing support for specific indirect commodities. We apply our strategic sourcing methodology to understand service requirements, aggregate your enterprise-wide spend data, identify suppliers, negotiate terms and conditions, and support supplier implementation. The outcome is a turnkey solution that delivers category savings.