DSSI's Mexican subsidiary, SDI, is ready to support your indirect purchasing needs in Mexico.

Mexico remains a significant and growing manufacturing destination for many US based industrial companies. Low cost labor and a favorable business environment combine to allow companies to pursue low cost operations near-shore to the US without the long, complex, and expensive supply chains required in countries like China and India.

Despite many procurement related investments, many companies have found it difficult to develop and deploy an effective indirect procurement strategy in Mexico. Our experience in Mexico can help your company to:

  • Reduce the erosion of labor cost advantages by shoring up purchasing governance toward reducing inventory shrinkage, reducing conflicts of interests, and improving control of business capital.
  • Deploy standard purchasing processes and systems thereby improving process governance.
  • Eliminate issues arising from lacking data visibility, access, and integrity.
  • Increase location specific purchasing expertise.
  • Reduce the operational complexities for companies operating in Mexico that purchase a significant portion of their indirect material requirements from US based suppliers.

SDI Capabilities

We provide the same source-to-pay value proposition for our Mexican customers that DSSI provides to its US based clients including process improvement, cost reduction, increased control, and data integrity and visibility through strategic sourcing and transactional management.

Our clients utilize the same proven strategy, approach and systems as used in the US operations. SDI manages the purchasing process for both the products and services purchased from Mexican suppliers, as well as, the products that require procurement from the US or Europe.

SDI will provide the control of the procurement process that is critical for companies operating in Mexico featuring:

  • legitimate sourcing, price baselining, change tracking, electronic workflow and approvals, transaction audit trails with histories and detailed reporting.
  • information and reporting that accounts for every dollar and/or peso run through the program.
  • sourcing performed at the company level and locked in by the system to prevent unapproved suppliers from becoming part of the purchasing process.

Please contact Heidi Humphries at HHumphries@directsourcing.com for more information.