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Do you currently have any way of tracking items being purchased or method for managing your sourcing contracts for indirect materials at an item price level (i.e. Item Master records)?  

Do you currently have any integrated suppliers?  

Do you have good purchase history information with manufacturer name and manufacturer part number information along with annual usage?  

Would you prefer to be part of group bid to maximize aggregated spend or have DSSI perform a bid specifically on behalf of your organization, known as a discrete bid? (Discrete bids do not yield the same level of savings but can still improve your costs.

Do you currently buy items by site, corporate deals, or combination?  

How many different buying or requisitioning locations does your company have that would utilize the outcome of this competitive bid process?  

What is your current procurement systems (i.e. SAP, Ariba, QAD, other)  

Do you currently use P-cards and if yes how extensively and for what commodities?  

Approximately how many items will the participant submit to be bid out? (Keep in mind that DSSI only requires your top use repetitive items. Generally this is less than 500 items in a given category.)