Optimize your workflow with procurement automation

Whether it's process optimization or minimizing spend, procurement leaders have traditionally under-prioritized indirect materials in favor of direct materials. This is primarily due to the overall impact on the budget as well as the complexity in the buying process and supply chain of indirect materials.[...]

Post-Covid Market Pressure on Indirect Materials

I sat down with Michael McFerrin, DSSI’s Global Director of Category Management, this week to discuss what he and his team are hearing in the market regarding the relentless pricing pressure for all sides. Michael, a long-time veteran of the indirect materials market starting with his work at General Motors over 25 years ago, leads a team of Category Managers in both the U.S. and EU. [...]

DSSI Helps You Meet the Challenge of COVID and Beyond!

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has rocked manufacturers worldwide, impacting procurement and supply chain operations at an extraordinary level. While there is an unprecedented demand for certain products, manufacturers are themselves grappling with sluggish growth and diminished profitability. It's left most procurement teams asking, "How do we ensure we're better prepared next time?" [...]

Year Over Year Savings Through Product Standardization

As part of its commitment to deliver continuous year over year savings, our DSSI Team presented its long-time client, a multi-billion-dollar automotive supplier, with a great opportunity for product standardization in early 2020 saving them time and money, while delivering the highest levels of support.[...]

Accurate Item Purchase Data

How do you know you are getting the best price / value if you do not know what you are buying?
MRO and Industrial Materials Purchasing involves millions of different SKU's, purchased from thousands of different suppliers & distributors, purchased by dozens, hundreds or even thousands of different employees within your company. [...]

The Pitfalls of Poor Item Data

You have a new purchasing system and you feel ready to execute seamless purchasing transactions, improve spend visibility and support program compliance. Unfortunately, your team tells you that the item data is a mess and this is creating a host of processing and supplier settlement errors. How did this happen?

Supplier Performance Programs

Rigorous measurement and tracking of supplier performance is the key to managing a successful relationship. Suppliers can use this information to improve performance while buyers can identify top performers and eliminate suppliers who do not meet standards.