Industry Perspectives

  • DSSI’s September Sharp Sourcing Event – Office Supplies

    Pens, copy paper, pencils, envelopes. They are the basics that every office uses regardless of industry or function. So if every business consumes these items, wouldn’t an effective procurement strategy for this category be to aggregate your organization’s spend with that of other companies?
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  • Is Your Company Still Buying MRO and Industrial Materials on its Own? Harness the Power of Group Buying through DSSI's Sharp Sourcing Events- By Heidi Humphries, DSSI LLC

    Whether the group is made up of several companies within the same industry or various companies coming together to purchase similar products, the advantage remains the same. Increasing the amount of combined spend vastly improves your position in the market and leads to greater cost savings over time.
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  • MRO Supplier Management – Price is Key….Only After the Product is Actually Delivered- By Heidi Humphries, DSSI LLC

    A lot has been said lately about reversing the trend in keeping suppliers at arm’s length. Many companies are finding that bringing their suppliers into the conversation can lead to sustainable supply chains and considerable overall cost savings.
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  • Aggregating Spend AND Services – The effectiveness of Source-to-Pay services in Indirect Procurement- By Heidi Humphries, DSSI LLC

    Many points were made in an earlier post about the benefits of consolidating your organization’s indirect materials spend with that of other like companies. Aggregation of high-use MRO categories consistently produces cost savings well beyond what any one company could realize on its own.
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  • Epic®: An e-Procurement Platform that Lets Clients, Suppliers and DSSI Speak the Same Language- By Heidi Humphries, DSSI LLC

    The advantages of e-procurement tools are widely recognized in the industry. From boosting productivity to controlling spend to having visibility into what each department or plant is buying, the benefits are immense. That said, not all e-procurement tools are created equally.
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  • A Winning MRO Procurement Strategy Doesn't Have To Be Complicated- By Heidi Humphries, DSSI LLC

    If you've ever organized a sourcing event for MRO, you can appreciate the amount of item data preparation that is required. Making sure you have accurate item data with correct manufacturer names and part numbers can be a tough but critical task.
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  • Accurate Item Purchase Data - By Heidi Humphries and Dennis Buckley, DSSI LLC

    How do you know you are getting the best price / value if you do not know what you are buying?
    MRO and Industrial Materials Purchasing involves millions of different SKU’s, purchased from thousands of different suppliers & distributors, purchased by dozens, hundreds or even thousands of different employees within your company.
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  • Plant Services: Big Spend, Big Potential - By Michael Oldani, Manager of Strategic Sourcing for DSSI LLC

    The focus of most industrial procurement improvement efforts address item related purchases. Yet, the procurement of plant related services is an area that can provide significant opportunities to save money and improve service levels.
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  • The Pitfalls of Poor Item Data - By Sheila Wolney, Director of Purchasing for DSSI LLC

    You have a new purchasing system and you feel ready to execute seamless purchasing transactions, improve spend visibility and support program compliance. Unfortunately, your team tells you that the item data is a mess and this is creating a host of processing and supplier settlement errors. How did this happen?
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  • Supplier Performance Programs - By Michael Oldani, Manager of Strategic Sourcing for DSSI LLC

    Rigorous measurement and tracking of supplier performance is the key to managing a successful relationship. Suppliers can use this information to improve performance while buyers can identify top performers and eliminate suppliers who do not meet standards.
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